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Olive Processing

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At The Wicked Virgin we process olives for oil for other growers seeking a professional pressing service. Generally a minimum volume would be 300 kilograms. Should you be seeking an olive oil pressing service it is important to:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of good quality fruit being presented to the press in the shortest possible time frame. We recommend 24 hours and not more than 48 hours from the beginning of picking.

At The Wicked Virgin – Pressing Needs we inspect the fruit before it is placed in a hopper. It is conveyed to a spa wash and then through a hammer mill. The “paste” is the mixed in a large malaxer before passing through a centrifuge and a final polishing. There is no excessive heat nor any chemical intervention in producing oil for our clients, thus ensuring the best possible opportunity for Fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Wicked Virgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be purchased via our order form.