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Wicked Virgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Discover the flavour and richness of The Wicked Virgin's award winning fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils. A taste sensation that has surprised many visitors, who comment "a best kept secret for too long".

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recognised as the cream of oils, as it has less than 0.8% free fatty acid and no sensory flaws. Look for the Australian Code of Practice on labels when purchasing to ensure the product complies with strict international standards.

The Wicked Virgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created by crushing and pressing the olives within an hour of harvesting. This ensures the oil is enriched with a fabulous freshness, flavour and aroma.

Keep your Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a cool place and use it liberally in cooking, dressings, dipping with fresh bread, baking and as a garnish for vegetables, soups and almost anything edible!

Do not “keep your oil for best”... use it OFTEN and replace with fresh oil. Your oil is best in smaller containers to maintain freshness. Try not to buy or use oils which are more than 18 months beyond harvest!

When our oils are beyond 2 years we use it to make soap!!

Pure Olive Oil Soap

Ideal for sensitive skin, The Wicked Virgin Pure Olive Oil soap is hand-made on the premises. This soap contains no perfumes, dyes or additives. Available in small organza gift bags or larger “chunky” soaps for general personal use – face, hair... anywhere!!

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