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Wicked Virgin Table Olives

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Kalamata, Paragon, Verdale and Jumbo are the dominant varieties of table olives we process. They are hand-picked and sorted by Laurel and John and “the team”, starting in the sunny late autumn.  This ensures only premium olives are processed.

The Wicked Virgin uses the traditional Greek method to process olives by submerging the fruit in a salt solution where a slow natural fermentation brings the olives to an edible state. The slow process ensures the texture of the olives is kept, firm not soggy.

Also try The Wicked Virgin salt cured olives - prune like in texture and initial taste, with intense lingering flavour. “Magic”.

Ever tried eating an olive from the tree? This is a mistake you only make once. Never be tricked into thinking they are Greek plums! For table olives the fruit (drupes) need to be “de-bittered”.


Made from processed (fermented) olives, is blended with small quantities of capers, garlic and anchovy. A “Big Kids Vegemite” for crackers, bread, pizza bases and buttered onto steak.

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